Screenwriting Ex. 6: Shooting Script

Shooting Script Due:  Tuesday, 11/23 25 points Make final edits to your...

04th Nov

Screenwriting Ex. 5: Spec Script

Spec Script Due:  Tuesday, 11/23 25 points Create a spec script out...

04th Nov
spec script

Screenwriting Ex. 4: 3 Acts, Story “Spine,” Character Arcs, and Theme

Screenwriting Ex. 4:  Story “Spines” Due Thursday, 11/6  Thursday, 11/20 10 points Choose...

03rd Nov

Screenwriting Ex. 1-3: Story Forms

Elements of Popular Improvasational Story Forms Due:  Tuesday, 11/4   Tuesday, 11/18...

03rd Nov
Photo by Clayton Hauck for Second City

Sound Showdown Film

The Sound Showdown Film Due:  Thursday, 10/30 Create a showdown scene that...

20th Oct

The Long Short Film

The Long Short Film Due: Thursday, 10/9 Extended Deadline:  Tuesday, 10/14 (end...

30th Sep

Screening: Alfred Hitchcock’s Rope

Excerpt of interview with Alfred Hitchcock talking about editing. Film Screening Exercise In...

30th Sep

Elements of Editing 2: Continuity Editing and 180-degree Rule

Fade ins and Fade Outs Fade ins and fade outs are the...

30th Sep

Elements of Editing 1: Montage and the Power of the Cut (Kuleshov Experiment)

Elements of Editing 1:  Montage and the Power of the Cut Kuleshov...

30th Sep

Dissecting The Red Balloon

The Red Balloon (Le ballon rouge) by Albert Lamorisse 1956, 34 minutes...

11th Sep