Viral Music Video

On May 5, 2015 by Ms. Goya

Viral Music Video
Due:  Monday, 5/18

Create an original music video for a local-based musician/vocalist.   Your music video should feature a clear visual concept that features all the fundamentals of filmmaking introduced and emphasized (for the upper levels) this year.  These fundamentals include solid writing, dynamic compositions (variety and balance of shots), expert and intentional camera movements, seemless editing,  emotive sound design (in this case rythmic editing); planned mise-en scene (everything in the shot:  blocking, background, lighting, acting, costumes, etc.); and appropriate credits.  This is your final film project for the quarter.  You may work in groups no larger than four people depending on the length of your selected and approved song choice.

Tuesday, 5/5 – Song Choice and Script/Storyboard – Proposal
Tuesday, 5/12 – All primary shooting compelted
Friday, 5/15 – Rough Cut (for feedback)
Monday, 5/18 – Final Cut Due


MGMT- Kids (Original) – Views:  43.5 million

MGMT – Kids (Student Made)

Article about their student made video:

Student assignment video

A video made by University of Southern California student Jon Salmon was created in December 2007 as a student assignment and uploaded to YouTube the following month. The video features fellow students Abby Fuller and Rafael Pulido lip-syncing to the song and frequently cuts to various clips from other YouTube videos featuring people dancing. It has since been viewed more than 50 million times on YouTube (link), over twice as many times as the viewership of the official video. MGMT later invited the participants to join them for the official video of “Electric Feel“. [Src]

Note:  The video was what was created, but the music played with this video isn’t the actual soundtrack.  Use as a visual reference only.

Student Example:

Matt Hoe ’15 (made summer before starting 9th grade)

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