Reframe: Short Film 2

On April 6, 2015 by Ms. Goya

Reframe Film Showcase:  Short Film 2
Script and Planning Doc Deadline:  4/10
Rough Cut Deadline:  4/17 (used for judging)

Final Cut Deadline:  4/29

Create a second original short film in new groups to entered in the Reframe Showcase.  Your Reframe films should showcase your best film work.   Acceptable categories:  Narrative, Experimental, Comedy, Animation.  Your grade for this project will be heavily weighted for your 3rd and 4th quarter grade.

Requirements and Timeline:

(same criteria, but refer to examples played and discussed in class from Tribeca Film Institute)

1.  Script (25 points) – Due 4/10
__story pitch (must review synopsis before script is submitted)
__3 Act Story Structure

2.  Production (25 points) – NLT 3/11 (footage shot after will affect your grade!)
__dynamic shot compositions and camera movements (planned and executed)
__high quality audio (did you use a mic?  did you reshoot to fix audio issues?)
__believable and mood evoking emotive acting
__shoot more than what you think you need, so to limit reshoots

3.  Post-Production (100 points) -Rough Cut Due4/17and Final Cut Due 4/29

Note:  Overall quality of film including editing techniques will be factored into your final grade for the film
__seemless editing
__thoughtful sound design
__use of open license or non-copyrighted music
__high-quality and/or specially selected font title sequence

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