Olelo Youth Xchange Entry

On January 30, 2015 by Ms. Goya

Olelo Youth Xchange Video Competition Entry
Treatment Due:  Thursday, 2/5
Rough Due:  Thursday, 2/12
Final Cut Due:  Thursday, 2/19

Select one category in the 2015 Olelo Youth Xchange Video Competition that you can incorporate film fundamentals in to your video entry.  Olelo features the best work that focuses on issue-base content.  Though the previous winning works were not traditional short films in nature, they all have strong story elements that made them winners.  You will have to create one video entry for the competition.


1.  Planning Doc (Google Doc — share with jgoya@midpac.edu)
Provide detailed production notes that include your treatment write-up, shot / location list/ script for dialogue scenes, category choice, other production notes, etc.

2.  Story
Beginning-Middle-End (Act 1-2) all three parts may occur quickly, but should have these three clear story element.  Olelo mandates: All entries must focus on an ISSUE that affects the community, our state, or the world. 2. Each entry can be submitted into no more than one category. 

3.  Dialogue
Dialogue is required, which can be incorporate as a voice over or a between two or more characters.

4. Content Requirements

You must meet the individual requirements for the category you select.


Sponsored categories have different requirements:  http://www.olelo.org/yxc/

5. Technical Requirements

6.  Mise-en-scene (intro and viewing exercise in class)
set, lights, composition, acting, costumes, hair/make-up, and COMPOSITION


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