Non-Linear Editing

On January 8, 2015 by Ms. Goya

Part 1
Non-Linear Film 1

Due:  1/22/15

Following the same format for the  Run Lola Run worksheet.  Outline an original story that incorporates three interconnected narratives for at least one main character (more would be more interested, but not required).  You will film and edit this into one cohesive short film.   The film must be edited with Premiere (demo in class).

Turn in an hand-written outline or e-mail a digital copy to

Week 1
Day 1 (45 min):  Story and Pre-Production
Day 3 (85 min):  Story/Pre-production and Production (film scenes)
Day 4 (85 min):  Production (film scenes); editing demonstration using Premiere; begin editing when ready
Week 2
Day 1 (45 min):  Production (final day to film scenes)
Day 2 (85 min):  Post-Production (edit sequences 3 sequences)
Day 3 (85 min):  Post-Production (final day to edit 3 sequences)

Part 2

Non-Linear Film 2
Due:  1/29/15

Create a new final cut of your film that incorporates an unscripted fourth narrative.  The film must be edited with Premiere.  Mix up all three narratives to make a unique fourth narrative.

Week 3

Day 1 (45 min):  Story and Pre-Production (shoot additional scenes-optional)
Day 2 (85 min):  Post-Production (take the time to see how you can disrupt the narrative)
Day 3 (85 min):  Post-Production (final day to edit 4th sequence into a final cut will all sequences featured)

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