Semester 1 Short Film & Title Sequences

On November 24, 2014 by Ms. Goya

1st Semester Short Film (Group)
and Original Title Sequence (Individual)

Both Films Due:  Thursday, 12/11

Using an original screenplay written by yourself or a classmate.  In small production groups. produce a short film that features the filmmaking fundamentals introduced in the 1st semester.

Recommended Production Timeline:
1.  Primary Shooting (Thanksgiving Break or 1st week of December)
1st Week:  Primary film shooting and title sequence editing; extra credit for a full rough cut
2.  Editing (Rough edits during 1st week of December, final edits 2nd week of December)
2nd Week:  final edits and finalize title sequence

Film Grading Criteria (1st Sem Project Film Fundamentals):
__meet all the production requirements
__variety of shot compositions
__rhythmic, seem less, continuity editing
__high-quality acting
__clear creative theme
__sound design:  digetic and non-digetic sounds (no copyrighted music; Creative Commons: Legal Music for Videos)
__screenplay: visual storytelling creativity and originality
__team participation (each person will fill out an self and peer assessment for this project, the feedback will be factored into individual grades.  Team members will not automatically receive the same grade for this film project.

Film Requirements:

1.  Original Screenplay
2.  primary photography/shooting must be done off-campus
3.  recruit on-screen talents/actors that will add to the overall quality of the film
4.  you can have no more than 4 people on your production team and you have to have a major production role as the Director, Cinematographer, or Editor.  Any other role, will not be counted as a primary production role.  You can be on multiple teams.

You must serve in at least one of these Production Roles:

5.  Every person in your group will be responsible for creating a creative title sequence.  Your group will decide the best title sequence to include in the final cut of  the film.  Directors must make time for the your team mates to direct and film their own title sequence.  Your completed film will be graded separately from your title sequence.

Title Sequence Grading Criteria:

_variety of shot compositions
_rhythmic editing
_strategic font choices
_originality in creative theme
_preluding details (visual details that provide context to the film or hints at what’s to come in the film)

The Work of Saul Bass:

To Kill a Mockingbird (Stephen Frankfurt)
GrandPrix (Saul Bass)
Moonrise Kingdom (Wes Anderson)
Run Lola Run
Any Human Heart

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