Spring 2014
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Room: K-104
Instructor:  Ms. Goya
Class Website:

Course Description

This course is designed to explore different traditional and digital animation techniques.  Methods covered in this class include drawing and painting on paper and for the camera; object-oriented and live-action stop-motion animation, and computer-based animation.  This class will explore character design, narrative structures, and visual metaphors.

Students in this course should be able to draw, paint, and be able to exhibit basic proficiency working with digital tools and equipment.

Project Schedule w/estimated time length
Schedule subject to change.


Project 1

Project 2





Metamorphosis 1

Create a hand-drawn frame-by-frame animation that depicts the metamorphosis of a butterfly or other imaginary, but similar creature.

(3 weeks)

Metamorphosis 2

Create a digital hand-drawn time-lapse animation that depicts the metamorphasis of a butterfly or other imaginary, but similar creature using Procreate (iPad).

(3 weeks)

Note:   If you choose to animate the creation of a butterfly for Project 1, than Project 2 must be the metamorphosis of an imaginary creature.  Vice versa, if you choose to depict the metamorphosis of an imaginary creature for Project 1.



Cut-Out 3

Create a tradition puppet/2D cut-out animation with characters and background elements that tell a story using craft or collage media (magazine, newspaper, etc).  Ambient sound required.

(4 weeks)

Cut-Out 4

Create a digital puppet/cut-out animation with vector elements tell a story or showcase a visually interesting sequence of action using iAnimate (iPad).  Music required.
(4 weeks)


Create a collaborative frame-by-frame animation that doubles as one-part public mural and one-part full-scale/public animation installation.


Final Animation


Final Digital Animation

Create an original animation inspired by an idea(s)/character(s) from your sketchbook.  All your production phases must be documented thoroughly for credit.  Original music and/or sound design will be required.





Quarter Research Projects
The 3rd quarter project will be a historical presentation of the history of animation from it’s origins to current day trends.  Visuals and written requirements will be required.  The 4th quarter research project will center on a famous animator (your choice) who contributed greatly to animation history.  Guidelines will be shared at a later date.  In-class presentations will be required.

Student Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
a.      Identify the 12 principles of animation
b.      Gain overview of the history of animation
c.       Analyze and critique past and current animation approaches
d.      Demonstrate progress in basic animation techniques
e.      Analyze your and your peer’s creative work constructively and supportively

All major projects are graded out of 25 total possible points. See below for sample grading rubric.

40% | Animation Projects:  Each project will be graded on technique, originality, effort, craftsmanship, attitude, and participation/effort. Provide a digital documentation of all analog and digital projects completed for the class.  (25-100 Points)
20% | Sketchbook Journal:  A daily sketchbook of observations from your life will be required for this class.  Your journals will assessed monthly in an individual meeting with the teacher and you will have the opportunity to reflect on your entries.  If you are new to drawing, you can use this sketchbook assignment as a way to improve your drawing skills. Drawing prompts will be available for you use on our class website. For those who feel comfortable drawing you can have a free form sketchbook that outlines ideas for possible animations, for upcoming projects, or interesting observations from real life or your imagination.
20% | Written Work:
  Provide thoughtful responses to writing assignments and notes from certain presentations and demonstrations.  (25 points)
20% | Time Management: 
Productivity and behavior  (10 weekly points)

Excessive tardiness or absences will result in a full letter grade deduction for each reporting period.

Classroom Expectations
Points will be deducted from your current grade for not meeting each of these daily classroom expectations:

  • No eating in classroom.
  • No texting/phone calls.
    No playing video games or watching non-educational online videos (Hulu, YouTube, Facebook, etc.)
  • You may listen to music during production/studio time with headphones via your own music player, GrooveShark, Pandora or similar.  No watching music videos.
  • Viewing, downloading, using, and/or creating inappropriate content in class and for projects will not be tolerated.  **Inappropriate material includes the use or depiction of offensive language, violence, sexual references, drug use, and all other content identified at the teacher’s discretion.  

Sample Grading Rubric

 SCALE 0 to 5

Excellent Good Average Poor Fail Did not complete
5 4 3 2 1 0





How successful was your progress and time/project management?  Did you come to class prepared and ready to work? Did you stay on task?  Did you distract your fellow classmates from staying on task?


0    1    2    3    4   5Additional Notes:


How well does your design demonstrate a strong, creative/original and clearly considered concept? How well does it match your written proposal?  Did you express your concept as planned? Did you go beyond the basic


0    1    2    3    4   5Additional Notes:


Did you utilize the elements of art in a creative way?  Was it in a controlled fashion?  Did you apply any principals of design?  Did you consider and experiment with other creative options?


0    1    2    3    4   5Additional Notes:
TECHNICAL CONTROLHow successful was your skill and control of materials and tools of the production of your finished piece?  How successfully does your assignment go beyond the basic technical requirements? 0    1    2    3    4    5Additional Notes:


Overall look:  did you submit all the required elements?  Was your work presented in a professional high quality?  Does your craftsmanship shine through in this project?


0    1    2   3    4     5Additional Notes:
___/25 pts


Did you communicate with your teammates on a regular basis?  Did you contribute your fair share of the work?  Did you work as hard as you could of to make sure the final product was what you collectively envisioned?


0    1    2   3    4     5What grade do you think your project, as a whole, deserves?What grade do you think you deserve for your contribute to your final project?
 SCORE:  out of 30 points for applicable team projects. ___/30 pts


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