Sketchbook Prompts

Sketchbook Project 
Due:  Quarterly with monthly reviews

Project Description:  A sketchbook of observations from your life or from your imagination is due at the end of Quarter 3 and 4.  There will be monthly reviews where you will receive progress points and feedback in an individual meeting with the teacher.  This project is intended to be a creative outlet (or for some, motivate you to be more creative or open to expressing your ideas with pen/pencil on paper); and possibly showcase development of story/animation ideas and maybe even reflect a sense of realism (even for imaginary subjects/content).  The first 15 minutes of class will be dedicated to drawing in your sketchbook.  There are no specific visual requirements other than the outcome being a clear attempt to draw an idea on paper using line, shape, color, texture, space, motion, and value (the elements of art).

Please date your entries.

If you are unable to fulfill the requirements of the sketchbook project on your own, the following prompts are available to assist you in developing your drawing skills.   These prompts will focus on basic drawing exercises that will cover a wide-range of drawing techniques.

This Week:

Week 11
Spring break memories… (highlights, lowlights, day in the life, etc.)

Week 9-10
Spring Break

Week 8-9

Zoetrope  ideas.  Animation morphing.

Week 4-5
Ms. Goya is out attending a workshop. (1/27-31/14)
Week 5   Choose any drawing tutorial

Week 3

Create a blind contour line drawing of a real object around you.  As with the contour line drawing where you can look at the paper, you will do the same exercise without looking at the paper.  Begin by selecting one point of your object to begin drawing.  On your paper, select a starting point that is in nearly in the same position as the object with proportion to the paper.  As your eye, visually traces the edges the object, use your drawing hand to drawing the object in tandem.  Your drawings will look unusual and that is okay!

google search

Week 2

Create a cross-contour line drawing of your hand using lines that run horizontally.

“In drawing, a contour is basically an outline; a cross contour is a line that runs across the form of a shape, something like the contours on a map. Sometimes these are drawn very directly, but more often, the artist will use the idea of a cross contour to guide their shading and hatching. The contour is implied by the direction of shading, and makes hatching meaningful rather than random, helping the viewer see the image as three-dimensional rather than flat.

Often cross-contours look like the contour lines on a map of rough terrain – they help us visualize the topography of a surface. Usually, we don’t draw them this mechanically, but use the understanding of cross-contours to help us describe the form with more subtle line or shading. They help us understand the three-dimensional form and describe it on a two-dimensional surface. Contours wrap around a form and obey linear perspective.”

[Additional Examples and Resources]


Week 1

Create a continuous line contour line drawing of your hand.

Draw your less dominate hand with ONE continuous line.  Your goal is to draw your hand without ever lifting your pencil up until you are done with your drawing.  Draw as slowly as possible, so that you can translate/mirror as much details of your hand on paper. 

Homework:  Watch this video and/or any other continuous line drawing tutorial you find (there are many on-line!).  In your sketchbook, write down one new approach or new drawing technique suggestion that you have not tried yet that you learned from the video(s) you watched.  Your next sketchbook prompt will require you to utilize that new approach in another continuous line contour line drawing.

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