Mixed-Media Cut Out Animation / Final Animation Project

On April 21, 2014 by Ms. Goya

Mixed-Media Cut Out Animation and/or New Animation Final Animation Project
Timeline: 2-3 weeks per project for both or 5 weeks for one project

Due Dates

Week 1:  Journals reflect possible ideas for project, your journal should include a storyboard or script (Due Daily week of 4/23-25)
Week 3:  1st Project due or mid-way status check-in (written)
Week 5:  2nd Project due or long final animation project due

(Option A) Mixed-Media Cut Out Animation Requirements
3 week short project or a 5 week single project

Create a paper cut out animation using color pencils, paints, watercolors, paper, and or any other materials that you bring in to depict a key scene in your edited clip.  You can use all hand-made objects or a combination of digital vector objects made using iDraw on your iPad.  Assemble everything in a movie with music via Creative Commons or any open license music.  Your animation should range between 30sec-1min for the 2-3 week deadline or at least 1 and half minutes for the 5 week deadlines.

Summary of Requirements for BOTH PROJECTS:
__feature the squash and stretch (Principal 1) and timing (Principal 2)
__feature Principal 3:  follow-through and overlapping action
__feature at least 2 new principals of animation not featured in previous projects
Total of five principals of animation
__landscape elements (background, middle ground, foreground)
__hand-drawn/painted/photo/vector base objects
__title/credit sequence
__Use iMotion HS or class camera an iMovie on your iPad to assemble your stop-motion sequence or any digital animation software (Flash, After Effects, new iPad app, etc.) Ms. Goya will  provide demonstrations for smaller groups base off of need.
__assemble all the elements together in one animated film

A few examples of cut-out animation:

Using iAnimate Pro

Hand-made with some compositing

Giangrande – Paper Plane (Official Video) from gianluca maruotti on Vimeo.

Making of ‘Paper Plane’ from gianluca maruotti on Vimeo.

Polly – A very serious search from Natalia Figueroa on Vimeo.

Dead All Along || Ceri Frost from Giles Timms on Vimeo.

The History Of Animation from Tobias Lievens on Vimeo.

(Option B) New Animation Final Animation Project
3 week short project or a 5 week single project

Create a free choice animation featuring the requirements listed above that utilized a new animation technique not covered in this class.  Some examples may include and are not limited to stop-motion sand art, etch on film(McLauren app), motion typography, motion graphic animation, claymation, digital Flash animation, etc.

Kinetic Type/Motion Typography

Motion Infographics (Good)

Found Object / Foliage / Collage
Mothlight by Stan Brahkage

Found Object
Western Spaghetti by Pes

Fresh Guacamole by Pes

The Deep by Pes

Digital Flash Animation
Simon’s Cat Series

The Art and Inspiration Behind Simon’s Cat

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