Metamorphosis 1 and 2

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Metamorphosis Project 1 and 2
Deadlines:  2/21/14 and 3/7/14 (4-5 weeks per project, but you may have to option of starting the other project sooner if materials/equipment are available)

Metamorphosis 1

Create a hand-drawn frame-by-frame animation that depicts the metamorphosis of a butterfly or other imaginary, but similar creature.

(4-5 weeks)

Metamorphosis 2

Create a digital hand-drawn time-lapse animation that depicts the metamorphasis of a butterfly or other imaginary, but similar creature using Procreate (iPad).

(3-4 weeks)

Project Description
Create a hand-drawn frame-by-frame animation that depicts the metamorphosis of a butterfly or other imaginary, but similar creature(s).  Your first image should ultimately relate to the last image.  You can have your first image morph into as many different, engaging, things as you want.  Maximize on the power of metamorphosis in animation.

“One particular device is unique to the animated form, and some would argue that it is the constituent core of animation itself.  Metamorphosis is the ability for an image to literally change into another completely different image, for example, through the evolution of line, the shift in formations of clay, or the manipulation of objects or environments…The ability to metamorphose images means that is possible to create a fluid linkage of images through the process of animation itself rather than through editing, although, of course, editing may also be employed in the same film. Metamorphosis in animation achieves the highest degree of economy in narrative continuity, and adds a dimension to the visual style of the animated film in defining the fluid abstract stage between the fixed properties of the images before and after transition. Metamorphosis also legitimises the process of connecting apparently unrelated images, forging original relationships between lines, objects, etc., and disrupting established notions of classical story-telling. Metamorphosis can resist logical developments and determine unpredictable linearities (both temporal and spatial) that constitute different kinds of narrative construction. It can also achieve transformations in figures and objects which essentially narrate those figures and objects, detailing, by implication, their intrinsic capacities. In enabling the collapse of the illusion of physical space, metamorphosis destabilises the image, conflating horror and humour, dream and reality, certainty and speculation.
Understanding Animation by Paul Wells

Technical Requirements
Metamorphosis 1 (on paper):
___Submit a storyboard of your animating that feature the major keyframes (main objects) you will be transforming and a few in-between frames between each key frame.  Number and label each frame. (10 points – Due:  Tuesday:  1/15/14)
___3-6 seconds of animation using about 30-60 drawings/pages (est. 10 pages per week/3+ pages per day)
___apply the “squash and stretch” principle of animation (in-between frames, speed should vary)
___scan or photograph (if iPad tripod plates come in) each drawing
___create a pencil test animation at about 10 frames per second
___Title and Credit Slates/Sequences
___audio is required (preferably audio via Creative Common/open licenses)

Metamorphosis 2 (using ProCreate – iPad):  

___Submit at least one or more storyboards that features the major keyframes (main objects) you will be transforming.  Number and label each frame. (10 points – Due: Tuesday:  1/15/14)
__create high-quality keyframes that show a clear attempt to draw an idea on paper using line, shape, color, texture, space, motion, and value (the elements of art) to create a sense of realism
__create dynamic transition scenes (how will you transition from one key frame to the next if you are not drawing every frame? –TRANSITIONS WILL BE KEY)
__export a jpeg image of every completely drawn keyframe
__utilize the customization features of the app.  Be selective with opacity, LAYERS, color textures, brush strokes, etc.  Choose brushes that match the overall mood your objects convey.
__color is required (tone and value awareness)
___Title and Credit Slates/Sequences
__audio is required (preferably audio via Creative Common/open licenses)


The Street by Caroline Leaf

The Street by Caroline Leaf, National Film Board of Canada

Street Musique by Ryan Larkin

Street Musique by Ryan Larkin, National Film Board of Canada

Complete Life Cycle of a Monarch Butterfly (Time Lapse Video)

Storyboard Example with Keyframes Highlighted
blick-metamorphosis 2

Example of sequence with inbetween frames

The Animator’s Survival Kit (Richard Williams)


Example and Explanation of Animation Principal 1 :  Squash and Stretch

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