Course iPad Apps (and Intro Assignment)

On January 6, 2014 by Ms. Goya

Here are the required iPad apps that we will be using in this class.  These apps will be provided for you free of charge if you do not already own a copy of them.  In class, I’ll be distributing unique redemption codes and I will walk you through the installation and operation to use them.

1.  iDraw (vector graphics)

2. Procreate (drawing – bitmap graphics w/ time lapse feature)

3.  iAnimate (frame animation)

Continue to experiment with Procreate for homework.  Share a test print with a recorded time-lapse inspired by a favorite animation (famous, web-base, comic, book, etc.).  Do not recreate the actual characters.  Create an original digital print inspired by something notable.  Be ready to share work with the class.  (credit – no credit :  1 point)


Helpful Reminders from Class Demonstration

Key Points:   Vector Graphics vs. Raster Graphics

neu.Draw (for reference if you already own it)
1.  Choose “t” to select a fill and outline color or control the opacity and line thickness in this menu
2.  Use the arrow tool to select shapes to edit them.  You can change the hierarchy of your objects (layer order) using with this tool
3.  Export your final graphic using PNG to preserve transparency.  Note:  There have been issues with exporting your image this way.  If you try to export and nothing appears in your Camera Roll, select “mail” and e-mail your graphic as a PNG to yourself.  Open your e-mail  and download your image to your Camera Roll.

Art Rage (for reference if you already own it)
1.  From the Gallery view you can share your final image by “sending to photos.”

iAnimate (for later use)
1.  Use the up and down arrows to move objects above or below a layer.

2.  + button located on the bottom menu bar allows you add additional frames.
3.  x button allows you remove frames.
4.  Choose the video camera button to export your completed animation to your Camera Roll.

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