Animated GIF Zoetrope

On June 14, 2016 by Ms. Goya

Animated GIF Zoetrope
Due:  Tuesday, 6/14 (10am)

Create a thaumatrope that correctly demonstrates the concept of “persistence of vision” in a 24-frame animation.   Do not draw stick figures or popular characters (i.e. Pokemon, Pickachu, Angre Birds, etc.).    Your animation must incorporate at least two types of color.

Example of large-scare zoetrope animationg:   Masstransiscope





Row 1 + Erika + Erin + Kasen

Row 2 + Jason + Tobi + Audreen

Row 3 + Huey + Drew + Jordan

Row 4 + Kimi + Andrew + Cortney

Row 5 + Kasen + Erika + Kimi

Row 6 + Tobi

Erika's Snake Erin's Neko Chan Kasen's Cube
Jason's Robot Tobi's Hair Flip Audreen's Bird
Huey's Color Wheel Drew's Hopping Jordan's Fish
Kimi's Dog Andrew's Mouth Ball Cortney's Cat
Kasen's Bomb Erika's Mutant Balloons Kimi Dog -2
Tobi Hair Flip 2


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