A zoetrope is a device that produces the illusion of motion from a rapid succession of static pictures

Principle 2: Timing

"Timing refers to the number of drawings or frames for a given action, which translates to the speed of the action on film. Timing is critical for establishing a character's mood, emotion, and reaction."


"Metamorphosis is the ability for an image to literally change into another completely different image.." (Understanding Animation by Paul Wells)

Principle 1: Squash and Stretch

"To give a sense of weight and flexibility to drawn objects. Volume does not change when squashed or stretched. Any changes made vertically needs to contract horizontally in width and depth." Learn more: 12 Principles of Animation

Animated GIF Zoetrope

Animated GIF Zoetrope Due:  Tuesday, 6/14 (10am) Create a thaumatrope that correctly...

14th Jun
Animated GIF Zoetrope

Mixed-Media Cut Out Animation / Final Animation Project

Mixed-Media Cut Out Animation and/or New Animation Final Animation Project Timeline: 2-3...

21st Apr
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Masstransiscope : Life-Size Zoetrope

Optical Toys and Collaborative Animation Masstransiscope Due:  Wednesday, 3/12 Create a thaumatrope...

19th Feb

Metamorphosis 1 and 2

Metamorphosis Project 1 and 2 Deadlines:  2/21/14 and 3/7/14 (4-5 weeks per...

08th Jan

Course iPad Apps (and Intro Assignment)

Here are the required iPad apps that we will be using in...

06th Jan
ipad Apps